Wednesday, November 7, 2012

21 Months

You are 21 months old today!!!
Here's what you've been saying:
I do, room, look, whack, home, bible, eat, wet

whoops, wow, whoa, wow wee. (You are very expressive at times and use these words in the right context).

mower = more

wah = wall

bee lup = clean up

bee-low = pillow

bok = book (you oftentimes do say "book" though)

bok also refers to a box.

"but" & "butt" - It appears you know the difference between these two words. How in the world did you figure this out? It's not like we go around saying "butt" all the time. Apparently you heard it from us a few times and it stuck. OOPS!

goo = screw. You like to point out the screws in the outlets and around the house.

LaLa = Grandma LaLa

key-co = cookies

bog = bug. You like to point out bugs you see on the outside of a window. Usually you grab something like a blanket or toy and try to get it. Or you'll say, "Papa," because he usually gets rid of spiders and bugs for us.

doe doe = Joe's O's (cereal)

wah kee go = ??? You have been saying this for a while now, like when you want to rock. We weren't sure what it meant; but today, when you and I were going upstairs, I said, "up we go" and you responded, "wah kee go." So that must be what you mean when we say that or "here you go," or "here we go," etc.

hook - You like to put hangers and toys with rings on the hook we use for the baby gate.

bang-go = mango or bongo. You say this for bongos and because of the packets of food you eat. One of them has mango in it so you refer all of them as "magno" or "back" for packet.

gak gak gak gak = duck sound

hope = help. You ask to "hope" us at pouring water or cereal.

hag = hug

boke = broke

at = out

ee-la = olive. You go nuts over olives and like any other kid I've met, you like to put them on your fingers.

die = dive. You love to do this on the bed and couch.

boom bah = a silly thing Papa has taught you to say.

You recognize the letters "M" & "O" and sometimes "B" as well.

When you see a picture of yourself, you've been saying, "you."

One of your favorite places to eat/snack is by your big moose. You'll say, "Moo Moo?" (questioning and pointing). This happens even when we're not at home.

I have been starting to teach you sign language and you've picked up a few words. You are good at signing please, eat, more, & stars.

You continue to say Caw-co (Costco) all the time, even when we are shopping at places such as Target. You usually recognize and say "Lo" (Lowe's) when we pass by that store. That's interesting, because we don't shop there THAT often.

Your favorite blankies you call "one." I think this may have come from us telling you that you can have one blanket when you are getting into your dresser drawer, since you like to pull out multiples.

My hairbrush is very fascinating to you and you like to help me brush my hair.

Some of your favorite things to do are push and pull toys. You'll take your V-Tech train by the handles and walk around the kitchen. You also like pushing your Fisher Price lawn mower. In addition, you take things out of boxes or drawers and have fun putting them back. Sometimes we have to work on the "putting back" of things.

You enjoy the circulars we get in the mail. The last couple of times, you and I will sit on the couch and look through the ads. You like to point out interesting or familiar objects. At times I watch you and you truly appear to be studying and soaking up the information, like you are reading it. It's quite entertaining.

Maximus, you love to explore and figure out how things work...if something has a light, makes sound, has a button or any mechanical side to it, you're interested. Just like one of the plug ins for our TV. A few weeks ago, you unplugged it. I told you that "Papa is NOT going to be happy about that!" (I guess it can mess up the settings when you pull the plug, not to mention the danger of electrical outlets)., you point at the TV cord and say, "happy" in the most angelic voice. haha!

Over the past few weeks, you have been waking up early in the mornings again...between 5:00 - 6:00 am and sometimes earlier. Your naps have subsequently been earlier in the day. You'll go down between 12:30 and 1:00 pm and the past few days you have been sleeping 2 - 3 hours. Normally you sleep about 1 1/2 hours.

We were signed up for swimming this session, but they had to cancel our class after 2 lessons, because there weren't enough people in the class. I was so sad about it and when I told you about the whole ordeal, I must have said, "waaaah..." like a baby crying. So now, every time I bring this up again, you say, "waaaah."

Today we went to your first tumbling class. It's designed for 2+ year old children. You didn't care for the class. That's okay. There were a lot of kids and grown ups and it can be a little overwhelming. You're much happier if you can roam free (walk) and explore the things you want to. One of the Teachers was very nice and said that we don't have to do all of the group activities. You did enjoy the mini trampoline and walking on the balance beam with my help. We'll try the class again and see how it goes.

Other than that, we stay busy with other activities such as story time and music class at the library. Again, you're a little shy in group settings, but when it comes to doing your own thing, you're quite determined and independent. We also found a fun indoor playground that we've been to a couple of times. I will share more of that in another post.

Your Papa and you continue to have fun together. One of your favorite things things to do is play ball with him. You toss the ball from upstairs behind the baby gate to the bottom where Papa stands. When Papa throws the ball back to you, you'll run as fast as can be to chase down the ball. Papa has also taught you how to bounce the ball up and down, keeping it in the air and you enjoy practicing that.

Lately you've been doing a lot of pretending/role playing. You will drag your yo-yo around the kitchen saying, "dah dah" (doggie) like you're walking a dog. You also like to give your teddy bear food and water that you're eating. So cute!

During playtime with other children, you have become really good at sharing. Even when someone takes a toy from you, you don't throw a fuss. That's not to say that you never scream and cry when WE take something from you. Oh yes, there are tears and tantrums sometimes. But overall you are well mannered!

At mealtime, you've become quite interested in dipping your food into ketchup, sour cream, dressing or whatever "sauce" we are using. If we are having french fries you like to dip the fries and continue to dipping and eating without taking a bite of the fry. We have to remind you and encourage you to take a bite, instead of just eating the dip. Other times, you'll get so excited about dipping that you'll even dip things like blueberries into sour cream.
You've had a bit of a cold the past few days. The usual cold symptoms - runny nose and sneezing and coughing. It's very unusual for you to get sick. In fact, this is the 2nd time you've EVER been sick. We are so thankful for your good immune system! Even though you're under the weather, you're still in a good mood and it doesn't seem to be slowing you down too much; although, tonight you seemed especially exhausted. We'll be taking it easy for the next couple of days.

One of the things that I enjoy most is our night time routine...rocking you in the chair, reading to you, singing, praying and just holding you. It makes all of the troubles of the day just melt away. HEAVEN!

Maximus...Your Papa & I love you SO much! You are such a sweet boy! Always stay that way.


Marianne said...

What a fun little glimpse! Loved the Gak Gak Gak. I might have to steal that.

Hope Maximus is feeling better soon!

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Heidi,

So sweet having this journal of Maximus sweet stages and milestones.
Hope that you are enjoying the week and hope Maximus is well again.


moosic mom said...

Yes, it is fun to journal these things Heidi...but I doubt Maximus will read them...maybe his wife. It is good you are doing it. I saved things from kindergarten through high school ..... cute drawings, school papers, etc. and one of your brothers was asked what he wanted the other day.....he is 45 now.....he doesn't want it. :( He did take an autographed certificate of a basketball camp...the Blazers signed it. Enjoy it for YOU!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

GOOD MORNING DEAREST! I cannot believe it. ALREADY? If he is moving along the continuum, so are we. NO WAY!

He is progressing in his language so much! Wait until he starts to read, to write, to CREATE science are going to scream with delight, as we teachers do when we see these little wonders grow. HAVE A FABULOUS DAY! Anita

Martina said...

You will treasure this post later some time Heidi - so geat you took the time to write ithse words down! Lovely photo too!

Mimi said...

HI Hi-D!!!
So sorry I have been So MIA.....blogging was placed on that back burner.....I posted our vacation pics because my family just cannot wait to see I hurried and got those up dated....and a few others...but MIA on commenting on peoples posts....and I have missed your Dear sweet Mr. M.....Mr. L and Mr. M are doing so many similar things......Mr. L's vocaculary is not as far along as Mr. M's.....I think his sister speaks for him......Mr. L's daddy is very I think Mr. L is going to be more quiet then his sister!!!
But lots of fun things to do and see and we are enjoying every minute with both.
Don't you love their unique words???????It is fun to finally figure out what they are saying!!!
Hugs 2 U and Mr. M

Renae said...

Oh Heidi, that was so sweet. It brought back memories of my girls learning as they grew and what I remember them doing at each stage. That was great fun. I love all of the words he had learned. I've been able to know him for the past 6 months and he has grown before my eyes, too. I am glad you share his skills and ways with us. Take care, my sweet and see ya next time! love, Renae

Mary said...

So cute, little M. He is looking very grown up just since I met you...about March. Happy 21 mos. Mom.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

HEIDI DEAR! I could have sworn I had seen you come to visit my recent post! Hmmm.....well, thank you for coming by! AND I enjoy writing for different purposes and magazine articles have always been a passion for me! QUI SAIT? WHO KNOWS?!

How is our little scientist/artist/writer to be? teehee....I can't wait to see where his interests lie in school! OR, maybe an olympic swimmer!

Whatever he ends up focusing on, you will have been a solid foundation for him to lean on and to spring forth from into action, compassion and zest for life!

Have a splendid day my friend! Anita

Renae said...

Yes Heidi dear we are like family in Blogland!

I love it here primarily because of all the wonderfully nice people that are so NICE! I feel blogging is the best means of communication in a social media world because if you aren't nice you get ignore/blackballed/shunned (take your pick) and you don't progress in genuine friendships. It is the ideal place for the GOLDEN RULE to be applied and lived.

Love to you and your awesome family, (the real one) hahahaha.