Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Lost & Found

This is my cell phone. It hasn't always had this beautiful stain glass design, etched into the screen. Nope, this occurred on Monday when I did exactly what my husband has been telling me NOT to do.

I have a habit of carrying my phone in my pockets, which are shallow, so my phone doesn't always stay put. It must have fallen out of my jeans and onto the ground where I was parked in a store parking lot. In turn, it got ran over.

Of course, it took me a while to figure out where my phone was. I felt like a chicken with his head cut off running around trying to find it. When I discovered it I was so relieved, but then quickly "crushed" when I saw the screen. It still works, but as you can see, the screen is a mess.

Unfortunately I'm not eligible for a new phone on my plan until next October, so that means I would have to pay full retail for a new one. Rob was able to find a used one and ordered it for me.

I know it's only a phone, but things like this really annoy me. I hate having to spend money on mistakes that could be avoided. And now I am wishing I would have paid for phone insurance. All of this could have been avoided if I had heeded my husband's advice about not carrying it around in my pocket. (I know. I know). Thankfully, he didn't rub it in too much. :) 

In my defense, I'd like to state that in the 20+ years that I owned a car phone/cell phone I have never had anything like this happen to me. Yes...I'm dating myself. I had a car phone and I thought I was SO cool!


Have you ever destroyed or lost a cell phone?
Do you have insurance on your phone?



Karen Mary Butterfly said...

Oh no!! I see this all time with the high schools students...they also talk about getting the screens replaced. If it still works you might find out how to do that. Sorry.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said..., I do not have insurance, but I THINK I BETTER take this lesson you learned and apply it to myself! We are in no position as of late to afford a new phone should something happen to it because of my neglect!


And yes, I taught second grade this week and it was FUN! I had some seventh graders the other day and to my great surprise, they were ALRIGHT! It was some ninth graders that I had in a physics class that made me say, "NEVER AGAIN!"


renae said...

Heidi! yes and no! yes, i have insurance and no i haven't had my phone damaged as badly as yours but i have dropped it and it has a nice, dark spot on the screen about the size of a dime. do i get it changed out? no, cuz my service and phone are done in April and i just want to hold out til then. (hopefully) Gosh, so sorry about your phone. really!

so i guess it could be worse. luckily my smartphone - droid is about the size of a mini-mini-ipad, so it doesn't begin to fit in my pocket. it's a motorola droid and it is like 3 years old and i got it free, etc., etc., but it is bigger than most.

now my husband's phone history, ya that would take up 5 of these little comment boxes, so we won't go there. hahahaha.

your comments to me come in late at night so i get them first thing in the morning and you make me laugh early and that feels great!!! thank you.

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Heidi,

How very annoying and sorry this happened to you.
Yes, you can get the glass front replaced, my daughter did this to her phone when she dropped it.
A few years back, I was walking our dog on a rainy day and had my phone in my pocket.
Sadly it got wet and ceased to work.

enjoy the weekend

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Good morning special friend,

Hold on tight to that boy of yours....all I want to do is hug my little rascals at school and remind them how special each one of them is. Have a great Sunday. Anita

renae said...

Heidi! miss you! my computer is mostly dead [like in princess bride?] and so i am using library computer. not fun! and my camera is not good. too many tech issues, huh?

if i don't get a chance, let me wish you and your wonderful family a very Merry Christmas, k? so


love to you, renae