Saturday, February 2, 2013


I took these photos with my cell phone...some of them didn't turn out that great, but I wanted to show you the before and after of M's first haircut. Okay, technically it wasn't his 1st cut...I've cut his bangs a few times before, but this felt a little more "official" this time.

We were going to wait until his 2nd birthday to do this, but ended up cutting it a couple weeks ago.

 This dude had some long hair!

 Lots of waves and curls in the back

  In the tub, before I cut anything. He doesn't look too happy in this photo.

  After his haircut...All smiles! He was enjoying the water that Papa was pouring onto him.

 Very out of focus picture, but I thought it was quite funny. This was taken after we dried his hair and we were getting him ready for bed. He loves running around with or without a diaper. ha!

 Close up shot

  Here he is signing that he wants water.

 Surprisingly, I haven't taken that many photos of him since his haircut. And I have gone back a few times with a scissors trying to even out spots that looked too long.

His hair has already grown about 1/2"! I kid you not! I am going to have to give it another trim soon. It's still on the longer side, but I think it suits him well.

Hope you're having a good weekend!



Castles Crowns and Cottages said...


I have been ITCHING to draw a BOY for a new card and have not had the right moment to do so. Every time I see Mr. M. here I want to get to my drawing table!

I cannot wait to see what this guy is going to look like in a BUZZ cut one day! are too young to remember, but in "my day", the boys would get those buzz cuts where only a flipped tuft of hair curled up in the front. My husband had many of those! I have a collection of rubber dolls from the 50s and early 60s that are boys. I must send you a picture of them. I had ONE of them and they sport that type of haircut.

GIVE Mr. M. a hug for me! Anita

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

GOOD MORNING, HEIDI! (I had to copy and paste my email here because it bounced back to me "undeliverable.)

Yes, my mum got rid of George, MY ONLY BROTHER! teehee.....a rubber
brother....sheesh, that is all I ever HAD! I remember a dream my mother
told me she had once - I must have been a teen already, but she dreamt that
she was pregnant and she was in labor and out came.....A RUBBER
DOLL!!!!!!!!!!! I am laughing as I type, remembering how funny that was.

Oh dearest Heidi, so your baby will be due around August? I
pray that your summer will not be a brutally hot one. I always imagined if
I was pregnant, I would not want to be during the summer!

I wish you a great day of peace and wellness my friend. I am off to teach
in the French school today AND we got yet another layer of snow out there,
so we need to leave rather early to not have to drive to rushed.


Rayanne McKay said...

Hello sweet friend!! Been away for awhile but I'm back. Had to come see my favorite little man! BOY, he's grown. Cute as ever...madly in-love with his smile (that face)!! I remember my little man about 33 years ago, I did not want to cut all his long curls off...very sad day, but he did look cute with a cut. Thanks for sharing, happy week dear friend!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

LONG LIVE GEORGIE PORGIE FOR SURE! teeheee.....that name, GEORGE was in my family forever. My uncle George was a professional dancer, my mum named my dolly GEORGE, and we had this fiesty parrot in the family that lived longer that my uncle Ross who had him for years. GEORGE the parrot, after many years of being handed to my half-sister, several cousins and then to my aunt, LAID AN EGG one day! teehee....HE/SHE also spoke Spanish. Imagine the COLORFUL words that parrot would utter!

Well, I had a fun day with the fourth graders yesterday, and tomorrow I am in a FIRST grade French class. FUN!

Enjoy your day precious; we are still having bone-chilling cold, and to think you will be pregnant during the summer is good. You live in a cooler climate than I ever have experienced. We are all anxious to know if Maximus will have a brother or sister!


Shirley said...

So cute! Isn't it amazing how much more grown up they look after a hair cut! He is a handsome little dude.