Sunday, June 30, 2013

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I was visiting some blogs tonight and saw several different posts that google reader is going bye bye as of July 1st., I've switched all of my blogs that I follow to bloglovin' just in time. I hope you will do the same.

You can click on this link to import the blogs you follow. 
Thanks to Bon Bon Rose girls for their simple instructions here.
Happy day!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Big Boy

 This guy LOVES his water. Normally he drinks filtered water in his bottle with a straw. But given the opportunity, he loves the plastic store bottles.
Aren't these cute? They are about 1/2 the size that you normally see, which is the perfect size for him, at 8 oz. Yesterday he had so much fun taking all of them out of the pantry and putting them onto the table.
 Last weekend we got him a booster seat and for the most part he likes sitting in it at the table, although sometimes he'd prefer to sit without it. He's only been in the high chair once since then.

He's getting to be such a big boy.

Hope you are all enjoying your summer. We are due for some warmer temps this next week - approaching 100 degrees, which is pretty hot for here. I am so thankful for a/c.

I have less than 7 weeks to go folks, before Santino arrives. I don't think it's totally sunk in yet. He sure has been kicking a lot, especially on my bladder. haha...

Hope to be visiting you soon.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Happy 50th Anniversary Today!

Last night my youngest brother and his wife threw a surprise party for my parent's 50th Wedding Anniversary. It was a fun celebration and my parent's were TOTALLY surprised!

I couldn't ask for more loving parents! I hope they have many more happy, healthy years together.
R, H & M

Friday, June 21, 2013

One of Those Days

 Garbage day becomes almost an event at our house.
Oh, the anticipation!!
 What fun!
But that's not all that happened yesterday. Nope! Maximus was playing with the drumsticks that Papa gave him and I heard a noise that called for my immediate attention. I didn't actually see it happen, but M apparently threw a drumstick at our plasma TV in the living room.
So, now we have a nice little starburst design in the center of our screen. (By the way, can you see M in the background? He was in time out). The TV still works fine and it didn't crack all of the layers of the screen, so it should be safe to use.
Needless to say, I was NOT happy! Actually I was more upset by it than Rob was. Yesterday was "One of those days!" Our sweet little guy really put my patience to the test. ALL DAY LONG!
Thankfully, we don't have too many of those days and Rob had to remind me that M is only 2 years old and that he really didn't know what he did.
Let's just say that today is going MUCH better! So glad it's Friday!
Happy weekend!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A Little Gardening

Yesterday I took a bunch of photos of Maximus helping me water the flowers.
Notice the bread we threw out there for the birds?
It ended up getting a little soggy.
So did Maximus! As a side note - Maximus has been insisting on wearing this hat lately...even though it's too small.

Time to clean up.

Phew...that was a lot of work! But, oh so worth it!
This boy LOVES watering flowers! It's so cute how he wants to be involved with just about everything! He's so eager to help out. Lately he's been saying "I do it," a lot. ha!
We were eating lunch and out of the blue, Maximus said, "Sah-tat-toe come soon." (Santino come soon).
Happy day!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day

Dear Papa,
I am so happy you're my Dad. There is no one else in the world that could ever take your place. I have so much fun with you...playing "di-bing boarb" (diving board), climbing all over you, bouncing in your lap, playing peek a boo with you, when I run down the hall way and you hide and scare me. You make me laugh when you throw me up in the air so high; even though Mama is always telling you that it's too high and to be careful.
One of my favorite things to do with you is sit on your "lap-a-loo" (lap) and watch the "Joo-knee" (Journey) DVD you bought me. We like to jam out to music together and play the drums. Thank you for giving me your old drumsticks recently. I can't wait to get a real drum set someday.
Papa, I love you so much! Thanks for everything. You are my hero and I hope to be like you someday.
Happy Father's Day to all of you Dad's out there. I am so blessed to have one of the most amazing Father's in the world. He is a man of integrity, love and kindness.
And I'm thankful as well to Rob's Dad for all of his love and support throughout the years. That doesn't always happen when you marry someone.
I am very grateful for all of these men!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Child's Play

Maximus likes to get on his step stool and play peek a boo with himself. He squats down and then pops up and says "boo" in the bathroom mirror.
He didn't want his picture taken, so off he went - running away from me.
But, he came back and proceeded to wave his arms and dance to the music playing in his room.
Cheap entertainment, folks!
I have to tell you something else. This morning when I was putting on mascara he said, "Pritt-ee eyes."
Happy weekend!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

This and That

Today when Maximus and I were out and about, we stopped to look at a water fountain.

He loves anything to do with water. We just finished up a couple months of swimming. We did the same class last year, where the two of us were in the water together. It's hard to believe and a little bittersweet to think that next year he'll graduate to swim lessons without me in the water with him.

His language has exploded and he's using sentences. They aren't always complete sentences, but he's really learning how to connect words together. I feel like I can see the wheels in his brain clicking away. It's incredibly rewarding to watch! I love all of the different stages...I just don't want them to happen too fast.

He enjoys talking about his baby brother that is coming and I believe he's going to do well when they finally meet.
When I asked Maximus today if he wanted to throw some money into the water, (a first for him) he got SO excited!!!
I had a few pennies in my wallet, so he threw those in.
We noticed there were several plastic spoons in there too. cream anyone?
I love this boy!
I am doing great! Today I'm at 30 weeks & 2 days. That means I have 2 months to go! It's truly been an uneventful pregnancy. I don't have many complaints. The major thing was being nauseous at first, but not any longer. I've been tired throughout, but feel like I've got a 2nd wind lately. That's probably because we are trying to get things organized and ready. Rob has been a HUGE support and help! I couldn't do it without him. When he was gone last week on a business trip, I realized how much tougher it was without him. He's so good about getting Maximus up in the mornings before work as well as helping out after work and on weekends. It always amazes me when I think about single parents. How do they do it??? They deserve a lot of credit!
A few weeks ago, a friend asked me if anyone was throwing me a baby shower. I told her no, and that I wasn't expecting one, especially since I was having another boy. She blew me away when she insisted on doing one! Her perspective was very interesting and one that I never really thought of before. She said that EVERY child deserves one - that it's a celebration! WOW! I feel quite blessed by her sweet generosity.
As usual, I've been a bit sporadic when it comes to blogging. I hope to change that. I'm hoping to do shorter posts and more often. We'll see about that. haha...I tend to be a bit long winded!

Thanks for stopping by...I appreciate you!

Happy day!