Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Update & Mr. Cool

Just a quick post to let you know that my appointment went well today. They did a biophysical profile (BPP) test by doing an ultrasound. They were able to measure the amount of amniotic fluid, look at the muscle tone, breathing of the baby, as well as his body movement. Healthwise Staff: Primary Medical Reviewer - Sarah Marshall, MD - Family Medicine, Specialist Medical Reviewer - Kirtly Jones, MD - Obstetrics and Gynecology. (Last Revised June 21, 2010). Biophysical Profile (BPP). [WebMD Website]. Retrieved from http://www.webmd.com/baby/biophysical-profile-bpp
Normal results are two points for each of those things and I scored 8/8! Very happy and thanking the Lord that things are looking good. My next appointment is scheduled for August 9th.
I hope you are enjoying your week...I'm going to leave you with a couple pictures of M. I took him to one of our favorite outdoor malls last week to enjoy a children's summer event series.
He looks like he's really posing for this photo...

but I think his attention was focused on a couple of boys who were playing with remote control cars.

Happy day!

Monday, July 29, 2013

Baby Shower - The Mustache Bash

Yesterday a couple of friends threw a shower for Santino
What a cute theme they chose! It was so well thought out and put together.
White, blue & black...great colors
This cake was too cute for words, made by a friend. Lemon poppy seed with raspberry filling = YUM!
I'm excited about keeping this sign and reusing it later.
One of the games we played was "Name that Mustache." We were given 10 illustrations to go with multiple choice answers. It was much harder than it looked...I only got 1 right. Ha!

Mom & I
My cousin's twin girls. Adorable!
Party favors, gifts & other décor
"Wet Your whiskers at Santino's Shower"
Beautiful & delicious spread
Goodies everywhere
Several of us took some goofy photos
Hope my huge eyes didn't scare you! Yikes...
We had fun!
Here are the sweet gals, who blessed me with this shower.
When I got home, Maximus was so excited to receive some gifts from the hosts. They wanted to make him feel included too. How thoughtful!
I am 37 weeks today! It's finally hitting me that we are talking 3 weeks away from my due date. If I'm induced, it will be even sooner. Tomorrow I go in for an appointment and they will do an ultrasound to see how the baby is doing. I hope to get a better idea of when he'll be here. I'll keep you posted!
Happy day! 

Monday, July 22, 2013

Dressing Up the Walls

Here's a little corner of our bedroom where we have a glider. The space now has some décor for Santino.

Before M was born, I made him a mobile, so I thought it would be nice to do one for Santino as well. I searched online and came across several DIY circle type mobiles like this one and this one.

Here's the end result.
The view if you're sitting in the glider looking up.
I had a lot of fun making this!
To dress up the walls, I found some free art printables online that I printed out on my ink jet printer and placed in frames that I already had or purchased in a garage sale.

Aren't these sweet? They can be found at The Handmade Home.
This one is available at Crisp Family and comes in three different colors.

Between U and Me offers this free printable.

The next wall features some other art.

This and many other scripture printables can be found at Beautifully Rooted.

Maximus painted this when I participated in a link party post hosted by Anita from Castles Crowns & Cottages. I think it's pretty good for a 2 year old, don't you? Then again, I'm a proud mama! This picture frame was a garage sale find that was white and Rob spray painted it black for me.

I found this patchwork metal "S" initial at Marshalls for under $7 and decided to paint over the washed out white color to give it a little more pop. We went with a royal blue using acrylic paint.

The birdie canvas was also purchased at Marshalls and since we love birds, I couldn't pass it up when I saw it.

Here's a name plaque/sign for Santino that I painted. It's supposed to have a distressed, old world style to it. I ended up doing one like this for Maximus as well, since the wood on the first one I painted for him was cracking.

Overall I'm happy with how things turned out. I still want to get a cross and hang it on the wall. If you're looking for some fun and free printables or mobile, be sure to check out the links I included.

Happy day!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Daily Grind from a Child's Perspective

M gets so excited about going to the mailbox with us.
It's the everyday "chores" he enjoys the most.
I'm learning a lot from this little guy. Some of the things that become part of the daily grind to me, are fun and exciting for him. He loves to help!
After we got the mail today he insisted on watering the flowers outside.
Then we went to the store and he pushed the groceries to the car for me.
Anybody want to hire this boy? 
Happy day!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

35 Weeks

Good news! Yesterday my Doctor did an ultrasound and saw that the baby's head is down! Perhaps the acupuncture worked, he could have moved on his own, or maybe he was never sideways. Regardless, God is watching over us. After my regular appointment I was  put through a NST (Non stress test) for them to monitor the heartbeat. They want to do this every week until he's born. Maximus was so patient and did a great job with me. I had no idea the appointment was going to take an hour and a half.

We have been busy getting projects done around here. Last weekend, Rob hung pictures and the mobile I made for Santino. More on that later this week.

Today I was so tired. I could hardly wait until Maximus took his nap. Thankfully I was able to nap too.

Hope you are having a good week!

Happy day!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Working Man

Maximus is happiest when he's helping out with everyday tasks. Let's hope this continues when he's a teenager. :)
I went to the acupuncturist today. He was so informative and confident that the baby would turn. He put me at ease saying that it is still early and not to worry. Plus, the flashes in my vision followed by a headache that I got this afternoon he worked on, so my headache is gone. Yay!
Happy day!