Monday, November 4, 2013

13 Weeks

Santino has been sticking his tongue out a lot lately. Practically all the pictures that I took today of him were like this.

His hair is growing and he's starting to sport a Mohawk. He's currently wearing clothes that are size 3 months, so I've had to put away some of the things he's outgrown. It's amazing how fast babies grow.

He's good at following people and objects with his eyes. When he wakes from sleeping he usually cries. But sometimes he'll stop as soon as he sees my face, which totally makes me feel loved.

Rob is such a great Dad! I couldn't do it without him. He is always so helpful and hands on with the boys, and also picks up the slack around the house. Things are much busier these days, but life as a family of four is good.

Have a great week!


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

God bless you sweet friend; your baby boy is so precious, and seems like a little dream! And for your husband? What a man. Oh, GOD BLESS YOU ALL! And thank you so much for coming by; God has granted everyone of us a measure of ability to inspire each other, whether it's through being a teacher, artist, mother/wife or creator of something that helps us realize our potential.


Angelsdoor * Penny said...

awwwww, he is growing up so fast!
What a darling he is...
You are blessed to have such a loving and helpful husband.
Wishing you all a beautiful week Heidi..
love and blessings,

moosic mom said...

It is ALL Good! God is good!

Renae of Simple Sequins said...

hello Heidi!

My 1dd had her son on Monday and he had breathing issues. He has been in the nicu all week and if his lungs are clear on Friday morning he can go home with Mommy.

It has been very stressful. I had the 3 older girls for the first 48 hours. Their hospital and home is an hour away via the interstate in two directions. Lost of miles covered already this week.

I returned them to Daddy last night because Baby Z is doing much better and Daddy doesn't have to be with him every second. Mommy didn't get to even hold him until 35 hours after his birth. He was whisked into nicu immediately after birth. She saw him for 30 seconds. She has C which is how all of hers have been since the 1st was breech.

She gets to hold him and nurse him in nicu now but ya, tough start for them both.

So I have been away from my computer understandably, huh? I am so glad to see little Saint's personality with the tongue discovery. Oh, so sweet that he stops crying when he sees your face. So sweet.

Life is hard and life is rewarding, too. Many blessings come our way, tho, huh?

Deborah said...

So cute! Love that little tongue! lol
How he is growing and how wonderfully blessed you are to have such a supportive and loving hubby!
You are blessed!
Smiles and hugs to you Heidi!

All my heart,
Deborah xoxoxoox

Marianne said...

I am loving watching this baby grow. And I seriously wish I could smell him. Like once.