Sunday, September 21, 2014


Last Friday, the 19th, I celebrated my birthday. My parents treated me and the boys to lunch. Then later that day, Rob and the boys took me to dinner.
I thought it would be funny to photoshop the number of months on my shirt. haha...You can do the math.
Saturday morning I went to breakfast with a friend, whose birthday was on the 20th. And, I still have other get togethers to attend with family and friends. I'll be stringing out the festivities for weeks. Whoohoo!
What about you? Do you like celebrating your birthday when it rolls around?
 You have let me experience the joys of life and the exquisite pleasure of your own eternal presence.
Psalm 16:11 (TLB) - via
Happy day!

Monday, September 15, 2014

The View According to Maximus

Over the past several months, Maximus has been taking some pictures. Most of these shots are straight out of the camera, (occasionally I'll crop them). It's really interesting to see what he comes up with.
He caught this shot of Santino back in June
Our living room with his beloved basketball hoop
He takes lots of pictures of toys
My pretty rose bush that M gave me
Santino eating
An orange balloon
His insects and a snake
Oranges & Apples in the fridge
A selfie of his legs. Oh my goodness, Maximus! You better clean up that mess! haha...
A photo of Papa
Blue sky & clouds
View through the screen
Since he enjoys the camera so much, he now uses an old camera of mine. He asks lots of questions about the different settings. The other day he really wanted to know more about the "self timer" setting and how that worked, so we set up the camera and took some photos of the two of us.
This one I really like. He looks so sweet. I think I found the secret for getting him to take pictures with me now. Yay!
Happy day!

Friday, September 12, 2014

The Boys of Summer

We are enjoying the last days of summer. I don't ever recall a summer where the weather has been so nice with such little rain.
Maximus is having fun learning to ride his balance bike. He is also loving his swim class that started up this week. I'm happy that he's finally comfortable in the water without me holding him. It's so fun to see his confidence flourish.
Santino is walking like crazy...practically running at times. He loves to swing at the park and cries when he has to get down. His appetite is unbelievable at times. Perhaps he's in a growth spurt?
I say it all the time, but time goes so fast. Don't you think? Today at Costco, they already had Christmas stuff out!
I've been so sporadic lately in blogging. I really hope to get better at posting more often. At least that's my goal. I've also missed so many of you and your blogs. I hope to come by soon.
Have a great weekend everyone!

Monday, September 8, 2014

Santino's 1st Birthday Party - Finally!

Saturday we FINALLY had Santino's 1st birthday party. The four of us celebrated last month on his actual birthday, but due to the sickness that cycled through our house, we had to postpone the party that was planned with our families, a couple of times.
 It looks like some tiny fingers, may have sampled some frosting.
We had the party over at my parent's house. My parents and Rob helped me hang a few decorations. I found this free printable birthday banner on Pinterest. If you're into chevron designs and are looking for a cute birthday banner, I pinned it here. The sign is customizable. You choose from the different colors available, type the letters you want and then print and cut out the shapes. I hung the banner with tiny clothes pins and string. (except for the letter "O" which I taped, because I didn't have enough).
Next, I found the EASIEST way to hang balloons. Again, I found this on Pinterest and pinned it here, if you're interested. You blow up the balloons, or ask for some assistance, like I did. Then you grab a needle and thread (I used a heavier upholstery type thread). Next, pass the needle through the end that you've tied off, being careful not to poke your needle into any of the balloons. I only popped one. Once you have them on the thread, you can spread the balloons out and hang with thumb tacks on the wall.
After lunch, Santino helped open his presents. Actually, I did most of the unwrapping. We followed it by watching this little guy have at it with his smash cake.
"Well...Looky HERE. What do we have?"
"The fun has now begun!"
Santino covered his hands in cake and frosting and then would clap repeatedly.
"Do you like my goatee soul patch?"
Cousin Sydney was watching the escapades with Rob's Dad (a.k.a. Grandpa BoBo).
My parents & cousin Sydney's Dad
My oldest brother, along with my youngest brother & his wife (left to right)
Santino pretty much destroyed his cake.
He had a ball!
Maximus couldn't resist waiting for a bite.
My brother with cousin Isaiah were in stitches, laughing at the show Santino put on.
If it hadn't been so hot out, we could have let him make the mess outside. At least the floor got a good mopping, thanks to my mom.
Chunks of cake and frosting were everywhere.
After the mess was made and Santino had about demolished the entire cake, my oldest brother helped me wash Santino off in the kitchen sink, while Rob hosed the high chair off outside.
And Maximus finally got a piece of cake and ice cream.
The kids had a lot of fun together
Rob (with his silly face) along with his parents & Roni's family.
It was a fun day! I loved hanging out with family and celebrating this guy's one year milestone. I know he won't remember it, but I sure will. And we got it on video, thanks to my niece, Roni. 
Happy Birthday Santino! We love you tons!