Monday, May 5, 2014

39 Weeks

Santino was SO squirmy and kept rolling over today when I was trying to take his photo. Thanks to the wooden toy and big brother Maximus coming along to help distract him, he stayed on his back for a bit.
 A week ago we got Santino a crib. He was sleeping in a pack n play recently, so now he has more room to roam around and I think overall he likes it better.
Last week, Santino has his 4th tooth coming in on top now. It's the right center front. Pretty soon he'll be chomping on some steak and fries. haha...
He's been moving around on his hands and feet lately and picking up speed. It's funny to watch.
Just in the past couple of days he's been babbling a lot more and we're hearing new sounds.
Can't believe this little guy is 9 months old today!
Love him!


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

NINE MONTHS? He is going to be walking about in no time and big brotha is going to have to help lasso him in! Summer will be full of fun for you all! How is Maximus doin with his swimming lessons?

Heidi dear, so good to see you ! Thank you for coming over last night. I hope the music was working because the last I looked, the entire Youtube network was shut down. The music is sweet, so I hope you heard it.

I got GREAT NEWS yesterday. My MRI was normal, so anything bad was ruled out. I am so relieved and grateful for those who prayed for me. I do feel better with a slight imbalance, but as long as it's not anything bad, I'm running about as normal!

I hope your spring is lovely! We are barely starting ours, and it's about time!!!!!

Rejoice my friend in the gorgeous gifts of the season. LOVE!!!

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Where oh where does the time go..
He is growing up so fast.. What a little pumpkin he is...
Wishing you a beautiful week.
Love and blessings,

Marcia @ A Table Named Love said...

WHERE has the time flown??? Oh my goodness, he's grown so much. Maximus must be such a proud big brother. Has he introduced Santino to Kooky yet? ;)
Have a beautiful weekend, friend.