Monday, May 12, 2014

40 Weeks & Happy Mother's Day

Look at those teeth!
Santino's latest adventure is climbing stairs. He is getting really good at it, although I'm not about to let him go off on his own yet. I stay a safe distance behind him.
Last week he had his 9 month well visit. He weighs 17 lbs 4 oz (12th percentile), is 27 ½" in length (17th percentile) and his head circumference measures 17.91" (65th percentile).
Despite his small stature, he is VERY strong. He keeps giving me a workout during his diaper changes. Not a fan of the whole process, he flips over and tries to crawl away. I have tried putting his diaper on when he's sitting or standing up, but it doesn't go on very well. Maybe I should just start potty training him now. ha!
Yesterday we celebrated Mother's Day with Rob's Mom and tonight, my Mom. Happy Mother's Day to both of these ladies! I am blessed to have a Mom and Mother-in-law that I can call friends as well.
I hope all of you moms out there had a special day.
I LOVE these boys!
Maximus got me the bracelet I'm wearing here. He went shopping with Papa and picked that out himself, along with a ceramic bird and a beautiful green vase. That boy has good taste. Thanks, Maximus!


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Tears are welling up in me as I see you with these two guys; I have to bring out a photo of me about 6 years ago in my elementary class. I took one photo with the girls, then a separate one with the boys. Those boys were the best. One of the moms said to me one day, "They are YOUR boys, aren't they?" Oh yes, said I. I just get a pang of joy in my heart when I see you here, Heidi. What a gift to be the mother of a boy who will one day be a man. OK, I better get out of here...HAVE A GREAT DAY!

moosic mom said...

Thank you dearest Heidi. You are such a wonderful daughter to me. How come God blessed me SO! just keep on being you and doing what your are doing. I wish I could live to see you being a Grandma. Who knows....maybe Jesus will let me have a peak. You are one special person. I love you so much!

Angelsdoor * Penny said...

Will you just look at the three of you.. Such a beautiful photo Heidi. So happy you enjoyed Mothers Day, mine was lovely.
Thank you so much for visiting. I am so happy you enjoyed the roses.
Give the boys a big HUG for me.
blessings dear friend,

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Good morning Heidi!

So good to see your visit over my way! I so understand about those phones or tablets - they have a mind of their own when you type in a word! I take my tablet with me to work to check emails but end up waiting to come home to answer them because typing on those sensitive keys is ludicrous!

Your mom is SO kind. I love what she said here about wishing to live long enough to see you being a grandmother....I do wonder, will our Lord let us take a peek into life on earth!!!!!

Big hugs to you all dearest friend. Anita

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Heidi my dear, ( I just attempted to send this message via email, but the email bounced back to me) I just opened my mail, and saw that I received a package - I am not sure it's from you since there was no note inside, but the book...THE BOOK! THANK YOU! An autographed copy from the author herself! This looks like such a great read to inspire the stories we are made of. As much as I love fiction, poetry and MEMOIR is what I love the best. This looks like a delicious read and I pray God will use me to write. I am currently occupying myself with writing articles for an art magazine, but I hope one day to really write my memoirs. I am going to devour this immediately! Many, many thanks my dear friend! Anita

Kelly said...

What a great picture of the three of you! I can't believe how they are growing.

Red Rose Alley said...

What a great Mother's Day picture, Heidi. I hope you had a lovely day. You deserve all the good things that life brings your way.