Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Boy in the Hat

I have yet to get professional pics of this guy. I KNOW...TERRIBLE?! Right? But it's not like I don't have LITERALLY THOUSANDS of pictures I've taken of him over the last 20 months., after swimming, I snapped some photos of M against this cool back drop - a high wall next to the basketball court at the playground we visit. It almost looks like Maximus should be holding a paint can in one hand, getting ready to do some graffiti, but I like the look. :)
Okay...I'm not saying that these are professional shots here, but good or bad can I not LOVE this little guy?

I STILL do plan to get some professional pics ONE of these days.

I asked him to dance in this photo!



Happy day!


Moosic Mom said...

Looks like he is in Italy on some street. Take some of these and put them in a frame. Love you!!!!

Design Apprentice said...

Heidi, These look professional!! And He is getting so BIG! I think he looks so much like a healthy combination of you and Rob! Love it!

Design Apprentice said...

Heidi, he is adorable, he looks so big! He is such a healthy combination of you and Rob! These pictures LOOK professional, love them!

renae said...

Ok, M looks so grown up! His expressions are so him and yet he looks so much older.

You don't need ANY professional pics! Your photographs are so much better than what a pro would do. No need.

Be sure and see the post for my husband that is posting soon for the Friday post. yay! His birthday is always fun!

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Heidi,

They look better than professional photos, as they are very natural and cute. He could be modelling children's clothes.
Thanks for visiting and just back from my holiday.

Happy day

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

OH DEAR....that one of him looking straight into the camera with a more mature stance is just precious. Heidi, I love the simple color scheme of this one; it has a beautiful focus and is beyond SNAPSHOT and has a more professional look! These are worthy of a frame or rather a CANVAS print! HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND MY FRIEND ! Anita

Marianne said...

He seems to have an inner "cool" already! I see a future ladies' man.

Shirley said...

So funny - I hadn't seen this when I made my fb comment about adding graffiti to the wall :)
These are great! I only have one "professional" picture of Hadden (and that was JCPenney! HA). Your pictures are GREAT, so you should call yourself a professional and be done with it!

Martina said...

Dear Heidi, these pix are so adorable! I want to come and cuddle - just look at the dreamy look on his face! Have te most lovely weekend!

Farida said...

He looks so cute! Good thing he was in the mood to pose for the photos instead of running around. Happy weekend :)

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

OH YES, it is the THIRD ONE DOWN that is my absolute favorite, Heidi! They are all darling, but that one, honestly, he looks like he is modeling for baby clothes!!

Thank you dear one for coming over tonight. Things are picking up and my latest adventure includes the art show, selling to a consignment shop, but the biggest development is doing a storefront window display in a bridal stationary store and this is a very prominent business in town. I will be making a paper wedding dress and I am so thrilled. I want to give them my absolute best because it will be in the window with a sign with my name on it and contact info!

Have a great Sunday! Anita

Mary said...

He looks like such a little boy...with the hat. cutie. It's fun to have the professional sitting..they are unique...although you have done a wonderful chronicle.

Red Rose Alley said...

These are about as professional as you can get. He's so cute, I would love to put him on my side bar. Please give him a hug from Sheri at Red Rose Alley.

Palomasea said...

These are better than professional, dear Heidi...they are taken with the love of a mommy...who just happens to be a VERY gifted photographer!
Heidi...these are PHENOMENAL!!
Maximus is quite the seasoned model here! :))
Really, fantastic...I hope you do enlarge are very talented. And you have the cutest boy in the world! ;)
Thank you, sweet friend, for your kind comments...
Actually my birthday is in November, the items Maya sent are from last year...I don't know why I have never posted them...silly!
Blessings and wishes for a happy week...hugs to you and your sweet little one!
- Irina

renae said...

My newest post (late Monday) tells how the weekend went, but hopefully not too much sorrow... lol.

Your wishes for his day were not in vain. We found the most awesome-st lake we can take our fishing friends to; only a mile and a half from our home!!! score!!!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Hello there sweet Heidi!

Thank you for your wonderful comments; I am trying to catch up with comments and emails here for yesterday I taught and I had to be at the school by 7:15am, an hour away! HAVE A LOVELY DAY! Anita

Haddock said...

Some nice photographs.
Like the pose in the first one.